2017 Mentorship Mingle

Mentorship has been defined as a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. Mentors help mentees with development of proper problem-solving and decision-making techniques, the demonstration of technical skills, developing interpersonal abilities, and providing personal guidance. Many industries are rapidly recognizing the importance of a formal mentorship program so that finding a mentor is not left to the lucky few who happen to meet a wise and trusted counsellor.

SGS is pleased to offer a Mentorship Mingle. This event with seasoned SGS leaders is designed to connect experienced gynecologists with younger physicians (including fellows, those new to practice, residents) through an informal small group setting to discuss a variety of topics. Learn from your mentors, their past career and life experiences, and foster a relationship that can help you advance as a professional. Each table will feature 1-2 Mentors and 6-8 Mentees. Mentors will rotate amongst the tables to ensure optimal exposure of attendees to meet several senior and distinguished SGS Members and discuss timely topics.

Our mentors include: Dr. Hal Lawrence, Dr Barbara Levy, Dr. Miles Murphy, Dr. Geoffrey Cundiff, Dr. Catherine Matthews, Dr. Susie Meikle, Dr. Holly Richter, Dr. Jeff Clemons. Topics include: Positively saying no- how to decline requests in your career; Navigating the promotion/tenure process; The changing face of gynecologic surgery; Women’s health advocacy; Incorporating research/ scholarly activity into private practice; Cultivating an academic career; The beauty of mindfulness- how to manage stress at work; The good word- how to talk to the media about gynecology.