Armadillo Racing at SGS Annual Meeting

SGS is combining the official "small" state animal of Texas with a little healthy competition. That's right folks. SGS is bringing you the purest sport in the world today, Armadillo Racing! Untouched by ludicrous player salaries, armadillos race only for the joy of earth worms but these little guys need just a bit of help. That’s where you come in! We are looking for nine institutions/departments/practices/individuals to participate or support one of the nine Armadillo Jockeys who will enter the ring and get their armadillo around the track by coaxing them along. Sound easy? It’s harder than you think! Take a look HERE to see how Armadillo Racing is done in Texas. There will be three heats with three jockeys per heat with the winner of each heat being entered into the SGS Armadillo Race Grand Finale. To make things even more exciting, we will have betting on which jockey will win his/her heat as well as the SGS Armadillo Race Grand Finale. Prizes will be awarded to the winning jockey and all participants who bet on the winning jockey.

All Texas Hoedown participants will participate in cheering for their favorite jockey as he/she coaxes their armadillo around the track to victory.

Since there are only nine jockey slots available, SGS is auctioning these positions off to the top bidders. The suggested minimum bid is $250. All proceeds will support the SGS SHARE program to further the mission of SGS.

Proudly represent your department or practice or yourself - be a jockey for the SGS Armadillo racing. Bidding starts NOW.

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Click HERE to learn more about the safety and rescue of these armadillos.