The Society of Gynecologic Surgeons has a long history of providing mentoring opportunities for individuals in varying stages of their careers in Gynecologic Surgery.

Common responses from attendees after attending the SGS annual scientific meetings has always included positive feedback about the feeling of “closeness” at the meeting, the ease in which they can approach more senior SGS members and unanticipated networking opportunities with distinguished SGS members. The concept of the SGS Mentor Program was developed to build on this strength of our Society. The SGS membership committee is charged with fostering the development of mentorship opportunities.

Why is Mentorship Important?

The literature and anecdotal experience would support the fact that mentorship helps to facilitate the future success of mentees. This results in increased research productivity, career satisfaction, preparedness regarding career decisions, and enriched opportunities for professional networking. SGS by virtue of its size and the commitment of its members to foster excellent care in women’s health has always facilitated mentoring. Several SGS initiatives foster mentoring including: FPRN®, the Systematic Review Group, and the new Pelvic Anatomy Group. Educational roundtables have also been a long-standing opportunity for mentoring.

In 2016, an SGS Board strategic initiative formalized a program of opportunity for interested mentors and mentees. One facet of the mentoring program is the mentoring “meet and greet roundtables” held at the annual meeting.

Who can participate?

Whether someone is new to SGS or has been a long-time member, there is a place for all SGS members and attendees in the mentoring Program. Residents, fellows, junior faculty and long-standing faculty are encouraged to participate for the benefit of surgical education and women’s health care. Interested individuals are encouraged to explore the associated links for more information.

Additional Information

History of SGS

SGS Initiatives which facilitate mentoring