2022 SGS Annual Scientific Meeting Award Winners

John O. L. DeLancey, MD
2022 SGS President's Award Winner

for dedicated service to SGS

Joseph Hudgens, MD
Eastern Virginia Medical School
SGS Video Award

Video Presentation 01
Resection of Five Centimeter Cesarean Scar Ectopic Pregnancy and Isthmocele Repair Using Vascular Clamps

View the video here.


Olivia H. Chang, MD
University of Washington

SGS Prize Paper Award

Oral Presentation 08
Changes in Sexual Function Over 12 Months After Native-Tissue Vaginal Pelvic Organ Prolapse Surgery With and Without Hysterectomy


Rui Wang, MD
Hartford Hospital
1st Prize Paper - Fellow/Resident

Oral Presentation 16
Return to Work Following Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery: Secondary Analysis of Operations and Pelvic Muscle Training in the Management of Apical Support Loss (Optimal)


Nemi M. Shah, MD
Kaiser Permanente San Diego
University of California San Diego

2nd Prize Paper - Fellow/Resident

Oral Presentation 03
Longitudinal Reoperation Risk After Apical Suspension Procedures In Female Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery


Brandy M. Butler, MD
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
David H. Nichols, MD Award for Best Vaginal Surgery Presentation


Videofest 27
TVH Tips and Tricks: Techniques to Optimize the Challenging Vaginal Hysterectomy



Anne Sammarco, MD
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
2022 Rising Star Award

Selected by Committee appointed by the President: Must be an Associate Member who is recognized for their commitment and dedication to the SGS Mission


Rebecca Rogers, MD
Albany Medical Center
SGS 2022 Thomas E. Nolan, MD Distinguished Service Award

Selected by SGS Executive Committee; Based on leadership, organizational or society service, contribution to SGS, gynecologic surgery and/or surgical patient care


Lindsey A. Jackson, MD, Adam M. Hare, MD, Kelley S. Carrick, MD, Denise M. O. Ramirez, PhD, Jennifer J. Hamner, DO, Marlene M. Corton, MD
SGS 2022 AJOG Impact Award

Anatomy, Histology, and Nerve Density of Clitoris and Associated Structures: Clinical Applications to Vulvar Surgery 


Jeffrey Cornella, MD
2022 SGS Distinguished Surgeon Award
Supported by the Donald G. Gallup Fund