The Nancy Frankel & Lennie Siegel Fellow Scholar Fund was established in 2022 in honor of their ten years of dedicated service to SGS. The new fund will support registration, travel, housing and SGS Associate Member dues for a fellow to attend the SGS Annual Meeting. The SGS Fellow Scholar Program was initiated by Nancy Frankel, Executive Director of SGS, in 2014 in an effort to foster the educational opportunities and mentorship found within SGS for the next generation of gynecologic surgeons.

All donors to the Nancy Frankel & Lennie Siegel Fellow Scholar Fund will be recognized through the SGS website and during annual meetings. Donations may be made by credit card or by check by clicking on the below "Donate Now" button.

Donors to Nancy Frankel & Lennie Siegel Fellow Scholar Fund

Ted Anderson
Sarah Andiman
Danielle Antosh
Ethan Balk
Brandy Butler
Jeffrey Clemons
Jeffrey Cornella
Marlene Corton
Catrina Crisp
Patrick Culligan
Tricia Daigle
John O. L. DeLancey
Alexis Dieter
Nicole Donnellan
Gena Dunivan
Cecile Ferrando
Jocelyn Fitzgerald
Rajiv Gala
Bobby Garcia
Elliot Greenberg
Cara Grimes
Daniel Gruber
Robert Gutman
Christine Heisler
Tanya Hoke
Cheryl Iglesia
Jana Illston
Peter Jeppson
Kimberly Kenton
Rosanne Kho
Cara King
Melinda Letterman
Ernest Lockrow
Jaime Long
Vincent Lucente
Tina Mahajan
Saifuddin Mama
Mamta Mamik
Rodney G. Meeks
Kate Meriwether
Douglas Miyazaki
Michael Moen
Kira Moore
Abraham Morse
Miles Murphy
Thomas E. Nolan
Gina Northington
Amy Park
Lisa Peacock
Jon Pennycuff
Holly E. Richter
Nancy Ringel
Kasey Roberts
Rebecca Rogers
Peter Rosenblatt
Whitney Ross
Mitchell Schuster
Matthew Siedhoff
Kris Strohbehn
Vivian Sung
Marc Toglia
Christine Vaccaro
Edward Varner
Anthony Visco
Stacey Wallach
Andrew Walter
Mark Walters
Sheldon Weinstein
Amanda White
Terry White
Kate Woodburn
Kelly Wright
Linda Yang
Ladin Yurteri-Kaplan
Carl Zimmerman