Fellows’ Pelvic Research Network (FPRN)®

What Is the Fellows' Pelvic Research Network? 

In 2007, the Society of Gynecologic Surgeons (SGS) sponsored the creation of the first fellows’ multi-center research network – the Fellows’ Pelvic Research Network (FPRN)® - to promote research training and expose fellows to multi-center studies. The FPRN® is an important initiative aligned with SGS’s mission to promote education and research in gynecologic surgery.

The purpose of the FPRN® is to provide an environment for fellows to participate in collaborative research and conduct multi-center studies as principal investigators. Participants enhance their knowledge and skills in study design, implementation of multi-center studies, data management, and statistical analysis. The FPRN® and its research projects operate under the mentorship and supervision of an Advisory Board that includes representatives from each supporting organization.

How Does FPRN® Work?

At present there are two subgroups of the Fellows’ Pelvic Research Network (FPRN)®:

  • The AUGS-SGS FPRN® Subgroup was formed in 2014 as a partnership with AUGS and focuses on urogynecology and pelvic floor function-related research.  
  • The FMIGS-SGS Subgroup was formed in 2015 as a partnership with AAGL and focuses on research projects relevant to minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.

Prior to each FPRN® meeting, members are invited to submit project proposals. Proposals are reviewed by the respective Steering Committee and Advisory Board. A maximum of 10 proposals may be accepted for presentation and consideration at the meeting. New projects are voted upon by FPRN® members following presentation. Projects are selected for funding bason upon presentation feedback, voting results, alignment with the FPRN® mission, and study feasibility.

FPRN® Video Archives

2023 FPRN® Presentation
Presenter: John Gebhart, MD, MS


2022 FPRN® Presentation
Taking the Next Steps: Navigating from Fellow to Attending
Presenters: Mireille Truong, MD; Christine Foley, MD; and Jon Pennycuff, MD

2020 Virtual FPRN® Presentation
Network Clinical Research Experience: "Trials," Tribulations, Impact on Women's Health and Why We Need to Continue the Effort
Presenter: Holly Richter, PhD, MD, FACOG, FACS

2016 FPRN® Presentation
Statistics 101
Presenter: Matthew Barber, MD

2011 NIH Mock Study Session