The CoRPS Fund in honor of Drs. Cheryl Iglesia, Kim Kenton, and Holly Richter was established in 2020 to support the Collaborative Research In Pelvic Surgery Consortium (CoRPS). The money raised from this fund will be used to support multi-centered research projects generated from the CoRPS group. All donors will be recognized through the SGS website and during annual meetings.

Donations may be made by credit card or by check by clicking on the below "Donate Now" button.

Donors to CoRPS Fund

Shameem Abbasy
Melinda Abernethy
Pakeeza Alam
Danielle Antosh
Katarzyna Bochenska
Heidi Brown
Sarah Collins
Alexis Dieter
David Ellington
Elizabeth Evans
Jocelyn Fitzgerald
Cynthia Fok
John Gebhart
Jonathan Gleason
Cara Grimes
Bhumy Heliker
Rachel High
Cheryl Iglesia
Jana Illston
Kimberly Kenton
Fareesa Khan
Alix Komar
Bela Kudish
Felicia Lana
Christina Lewicky-Gaupp
Emily Lukacz
Mamta Mamik
Kate Meriwether
Vadim Morozov
Elizabeth Mueller
Maggie Mueller
Miles Murphy
Amy Park
Thythy Pham
Olga Ramm
Holly E. Richter
Leslie Rickey 
John W. Riggs
Rebecca Rogers
David Shveiky
Katelyn Smithling
Andrew Sokol
Megan Tarr
Emily Weber LeBrun
Cecilia Wieslander