The Thomas E. Nolan Fund was established in 2020. The fund will be used to fund the Thomas E. Nolan Distinguished Service Award from 2021 - 2030. The award winner will be presented a plaque and complimentary registration to the following annual scientific meeting.

All donors will be recognized through the SGS website and during annual meetings. Donations may be made by credit card or by check by clicking on the below "Donate Now" button.

Donors to Thomas E. Nolan Fund

Ralph Chesson
Jeffrey Clemons
John O. L. DeLancey
Karolyn Echols
Denise Elser
Alan Garely
Pamela Gaudry
John Gebhart
Cara Grimes
Nancy Frankel and Lennie Siegel
Charles Hanes
William Hoskins
Melinda Letterman
Renee Mestad
Stephen Metz
Douglas Miyazaki
Michael Moen
Miles Murphy
Thomas E. Nolan
Amy O'Boyle
Lisa Peacock
Norman Rosenblum
Joseph Schaffer
Abbas Shobeiri
Ambereen Sleemi
Melissa Smith
Thomas Stovall
Rabiya Suleman
Marc Toglia
Babak Vakili
Anne Wiskind
Carl Zimmerman