September 27, 2017

Fall 2017

Table of Contents

  1. SRG News
  2. SGS PG Course in Miami
  3. Kyle Wohlrab, MD Awarded Reseach Grant
  4. Social Media Committee Poll
  5. 44th Annual Scientific Meeting
  6. SGS Mentees Honor 19 Mentors
  7. Your SHARE Donations at Work



 November 30 -December 2, 2017

26th Annual Postgraduate Course in Advanced Gynecologic Surgery 

Miami, FL


March 11-14, 2018

44th Annual Scientific Meeting

Orlando, FL

SGS Thanks its 2017 Premier Supporters

Systematic Review Group (SRG) News


In order to advance the evidence-based practice of gynecologic surgery, the Society of Gynecologic Surgeons (SGS) Research Committee formed the Systematic Review Group (SRG). Since 2007, the objective of this group has been to systematically review the important subjects and controversies in the field of gynecologic surgery and to produce evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. The SRG includes members with varying areas of clinical and surgical expertise and methods consultants with expertise in the conduct of systematic reviews and guideline development.

Three of the recent publications from SRG were chosen as articles for the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) process this year. One fell under the FPMRS category and two (of a total of only 15) were in the general Gynecology section. The SRG is fulfilling the SGS mission.

The three articles are referenced below.

Steinberg AC, Schimpf MO, White AB, Mathews C, Ellington DR, Jeppson P, Crisp C,
Aschkenazi SO, Mamik MM, Balk EM, Murphy M. Preemptive analgesia for
postoperative hysterectomy pain control: systematic review and clinical practice
guidelines. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2017 Mar 27 [Epub ahead of print]

Jeppson PC, Balgobin S, Rahn DD, Matteson KA, Dieter AA, Ellington DR, Aschkenazi SO, Grimes C, Mamik MM, Balk EM, Murphy M; Society of Gynecologic Surgeons Systematic Review Group. Comparison of Vaginal Hysterectomy Techniques and Interventions for Benign Indications: A Systematic Review. Obstet Gynecol. 2017; 129(5):877-86.

Schimpf MO, Abed H, Sanses T, White AB, Lowenstein L, Ward RM, Sung VW, Balk EM, Murphy M; Society of Gynecologic Surgeons Systematic Review Group. Graft and Mesh Use in Transvaginal Pelvic Organ Prolapse Repair: A Systematic Review. Obstet Gynecol 2016 Jul; 128(1): 81-91.

Thanks to all the SRG members for the hard work you have contributed to the group!


SGS PG Course in Miami - Nov 30 - Dec 2


The SGS 26th Annual Postgraduate Course in Advanced Gynecologic Surgery will be held in Miami, FL on November 30- December 2. This year’s course includes didactic lectures by many leaders in the field of gynecologic surgery. You will certainly not want to miss these key opinion leaders speaking about lessons they have learned throughout their careers. There will be two optional cadaver lab sessions at the M.A.R.C. Insitute on November 30th. Learn from the mentors at this special SGS event. Click HERE for more information.


Kyle Wohlrab, MD Awarded Reseach Grant


The Society of Gynecologic Surgeons (SGS) is pleased to announce Kyle Wohlrab, MD as the research award winner in robotic-assisted gynecologic surgery for his proposal entitled "The Impact of a Stepwise Training Program for OBGYN residents on the outcomes and Cost Effectiveness of Robotic Assisted Hysterectomy"Grant funding available for this research in robotic-assisted surgery was made possible by Intuitive Surgical. SGS thanks everyone who submitted research proposals.


Social Media Committee Poll


The SGS Social Media Committee is working hard to serve the SGS community by hosting educational workshops during Annual Meetings. SGS has recorded two of the workshops and now hosts those sessions on the SGS website. Please take a look at the 2016 and 2017 workshops. In an effort to provide content for the 2018 workshop that meets the needs of our community, please take a quick poll HERE (should take less than a minute).


44th Annual Scientific Meeting - March 11-14, 2018

John Gebhart, MD, SGS President and the 2018 Scientific Program Committee, led this year by Andrew Cassidenti, MD, are working hard to provide you with excellent presentations that will be sure to teach and inspire all attendees. The theme of the meeting is Leadership: Leading Best Gynecologic Surgical Care into the Next Decade. More details of the meeting content and social activities will be available online towards the end of October. You do not want to miss it!



SGS Mentees Honor 19 Mentors on March 27, 2017


SGS is a Society deeply rooted in the concept of mentorship and we were pleased to continue the Honor Your Mentor program at the 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting in San Antonio, TX. This program was developed as a way for SGS members and guests to recognize mentors who have shaped their careers, while also supporting and fostering the mission of SGS. All funds raised for this program support both the SRG and FPRN® programs.

SGS is proud to present the 19 honored Mentors here.


 Your SHARE Donations at Work

Since its inception in 2014, the SGS SHARE program has raised $212,000. SGS is broadening its utilization of these funds to provide additional programing to fulfill its mission.


Michael P. Aronson Fund supported scholarships for two young faculty members to attend the SGS Winter Postgraduate Courses

Research Funds supported the NIH Application Training Camps at the SGS Annual Scientific Meetings in 2014 and 2015

2016 - 2017

Professional Development Fund supported the Women’s Council presentations

Donald G. Gallup Fund supported the SGS Distinguished Surgeon Award

Education Funds supported the SGS Fellow Scholars

Michael P. Aronson Fund supported scholarships for eight young faculty members to attend the 2016 SGS Winter Postgraduate Course

Honor Your Mentor Program and Research Funds supported the FPRN® and SRG Programs

Thank you for your continuing support of SGS by Donating to SHARE



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