July 27, 2022

Summer 2022

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Letter from the President

Dates and Deadlines

SRG Publication Wins Prize

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A Message from the 49th President of the Society of Gynecologic Surgeons

I hope you are enjoying summer and taking time to relax and rejuvenate with family and friends.

As SGS president, I am privileged to inform members and colleagues about all that this society is doing to advocate for gynecologic surgery training. Since the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling on June 24, 2022, the SGS Collaborative Research in Pelvic Surgery Consortium (CoRPS) has been busy fulfilling the mission of the society: to promote excellence in gynecologic surgery through acquisition of knowledge and improvement of skills, advancement of basic and clinical research, and professional and public education. 

Within one week of the Dobbs ruling, the SGS CoRPS group, with direction from the Executive Board, completed two IRB-approved protocols. The first is a qualitative research study to evaluate the fears and concerns held by leaders from more than a dozen of the major ObGyn societies on the impact that limited access to abortion care will have on current and future graduate medical education, training, and competencies.

The second study is a mixed methods quantitative and qualitative questionnaire on the impact of this ruling on resident and fellow trainees. We anticipate that final publication of the findings from these research studies will occur in the upcoming weeks. I am so proud of Board member Dr. Kate Meriwether; SGS Research Chair, Dr. Cara Grimes; our participatory research moderator, Dr. Gabriela Halder and all the CoRPS collaborators including the new relationships we have made with representatives from the Society of Family Planning.

On a separate note, Dr. Amy Park and the Scientific Program Committee are working hard on the 49th Annual Scientific Meeting to be held March 19-22, 2023, in Tucson, Arizona. Members have until August 8 to propose postgraduate courses and roundtables. Abstract and video submissions are due September 12, 2022.

We appreciate all members who completed the Annual Scientific Meeting evaluation and member surveys. All comments will be reviewed at our strategic planning meeting in September. The meeting management transition from Dr. Nancy Frankel and Lennie Siegel over to Status Plus is going well. Please be on the lookout for some website updates including committee listings and an enhanced social media presence.

Finally, the winter postgraduate course will be on pause for 2022 and getting refreshed while still maintaining the expert faculty and hands-on skills labs. Stay tuned for announcement of the 2023 course dates and location!

For any ideas or comments, please reach out to [email protected]. We love to hear from you.

Truly yours,

SGS President
Cheryl B. Iglesia, MD, FACOG
Professor, ObGyn and Urology
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Director, FPMRS, MedStar Health
Washington, DC

Dates and Deadlines

August 2 - Application Deadline for Abstract Review and Video Review Committees for SGS 2023*
August 8 - Submission Deadline for SGS 2023 Postgraduate Course Proposals*
August 8 - Submission Deadline for SGS 2023 Roundtable Proposals
September 12 - Abstract and Video Submission Deadline for SGS 2023

Visit the SGS website for more information about the 49th Annual Scientific Meeting.

*Must be an Active Member of SGS to apply to these committees or submit a PG Course proposal.

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SGS Publication Wins Oscar Contreras Ortiz Award

An SGS Systematic Review Group (SRG) publication received this year’s Oscar Contreras Ortiz Award, presented during the AUGS/IUGA Scientific Meeting on June 17. This award recognizes the International Urogynecology Journal publication that most contributed to the journal’s current impact factor. Congratulations to Cara Grimes, Ethan Balk, Catrina Crisp, Danielle Antosh, Miles Murphy, Gabriela Halder, Peter Jeppson, Emily Weber LeBrun, Sonali Raman, Shunaha Kim-Fine, Cheryl Iglesia, Alexis Dieter, Ladin Yurteri-Kaplan, Gaelen Adam, and Kate Meriwether on this achievement!


Programs Supported by Surgeons Helping to Advance Research and Education (SHARE)

  • Professional Development Fund supports the annual Women’s Council presentation
  • Donald G. Gallup Fund supports the Distinguished Surgeon Award
  • Education Fund supports the SGS Education Committee initiatives
  • Michael P. Aronson Fund supports scholarships for early career faculty to attend the SGS Winter Postgraduate Course in Advanced Gynecologic Surgery
  • John O. L. DeLancey Fund supports the Pelvic Anatomy Group (nomenclature, 3D imaging and digital library)
  • David H. Nichols Fund supports an award for the best vaginal surgery presentation
  • CoRPS Fund in honor of Drs. Richter, Iglesia, and Kenton supports the management and research conducted by CoRPS
  • Thomas E. Nolan Fund supports the SGS Distinguished Service Award
  • Mark D. Walters Endowed Lectureship Fund supports the Mark D. Walters Endowed Lecture
  • Nancy Frankel and Lennie Siegel Fellow Scholar Fund supports the SGS Fellow Scholar program
  • Research Fund and Honor your Mentor Program support the FPRN® and SRG

Thank you for your continuing support of the SGS mission by donating to SHARE!