47th Annual Scientific Meeting
June 27-30, 2021

Due to social distancing guidelines, live attendance is being limited to first 300 professional attendees

Presenter Information

Instructions for Presenters

Manuscripts Due - March 1, 2021
Notification of Change of Presenter - March 31, 2021
Registration (live or virtual) Deadline for Abstract and Video Presenters - March 31, 2021
E-Posters Due for All Oral and Non-Oral Posters - May 10, 2021
Slide Presentations Due for Oral Presentations, Oral Posters and PG Courses - May 17, 2021


1)   ALL manuscripts are due in FINAL American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology format on or before March 1, 2021 with ALL AJOG accompanying documentation.  All manuscripts are to be submitted through the AJOG editorial manager website at www.ees.elsevier.com/ajog. AJOG Instructions to Authors are also found at this address. For assistance with online submission or presentation contact Donna Stroud at (614) 527-3820 or [email protected].

2)   Requirement for manuscripts:
  • ALL full oral presentations MUST submit a manuscript.
  • Oral poster and non-oral poster presentations may submit a manuscript but are not required to do so.
  • All member candidates must submit a manuscript regardless of presentation type.
  • Any presentation that wishes to be considered for SGS Awards must submit a manuscript.
3)   Please provide two separate uploads of manuscripts:
  • First, to AJOG via www.ees.elsevier.com/ajog
    • This is reviewed through the usual AJOG process for the purpose of possible publication.
  • Second, to SGS via a DropBox link found on the SGS website.
    • All manuscripts submitted to the Dropbox link should use the file name of Final ID and Presenting Author’s Last Name (EXAMPLE: Oral Presentation 01_Smith).
    • This copy will include both those manuscripts not being submitted to AJOG as well as those submitted to AJOG site.
    • This copy is reviewed by the abstract review committee members with the purpose of providing a short list of manuscripts for each prize category to submit to the SGS President to determine award winners.
4)   All manuscripts submitted via the AJOG link will be reviewed and considered for publication in the annual issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology dedicated to the SGS Scientific Meeting. Submission of a paper does NOT guarantee acceptance. Manuscripts will be accepted or declined for publication based on their peer reviews and the standard AJOG process. Acceptance for presentation at the meeting does not impact acceptance for publication, and historically the acceptance rate for meeting papers is similar to the baseline rate. There will also be a standard revision cycle for manuscripts prior to final acceptance.

5)   In addition, to be eligible for SGS awards, please upload a copy of your manuscript via a DropBox link by the March 1, 2021 deadline.

6)   Authors who do not wish their papers to be considered for publication in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology are still required to submit a manuscript in AJOG editorial format to SGS via the manuscript upload DropBox link.  They should notify the Scientific Program Chair, Dr. Schimpf, by e-mail of their intentions regarding an alternate journal or non-publication at [email protected].

7)   Manuscripts cannot be changed, altered, or edited after submission.  Manuscripts can be revised only as part of the AJOG review/revision cycle.

8)   The Program Committee reserves the right to reject for podium presentation any presentation whose manuscript is considered to be of inferior quality.  Manuscripts must be judged by the Program Committee to be of a quality equal to that which normally appears in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

9)   All submitted manuscripts are considered for the SGS President's Prize Awards.



E-posters for all oral posters and non-oral posters are due by May 10, 2021.
Please click here to upload your final e-poster by the May 10th deadline.