46th Annual Scientific Meeting

20/20 Vision
Embracing innovation that builds on past success

July 9 - 12, 2020 | Virtual

Academic Roundtables
Date and Time To Be Determined

  1. Using Social Media Platforms to Connect the Disconnect Between Patients and Providers – Lessons from the Endometriosis Community
    Megan Billow, DO 
  2. Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Applications in FPMRS
    Jeffrey L. Cornella, MD 
  3. Know What You Don’t Know: Maximizing Your Pre-Operative Evaluation to Enhance Myomectomy Success
    Daniel Duffy, MD 
  4. Medical Device Innovation – Learn from my Mistakes
    Jon Einarsson, MD, MPH 
  5. Broadening our Scope: Capacity Building in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Internationally
    Esther Han, MD, MPH 
  6. Advances in Gyn Robotic Surgery
    George Iskander, MD 
  7. What the Mesh?: An Update on Regulation & Litigation of Mesh Devices for SUI
    Bruce Kahn, MD 
  8. I am a Great Surgeon, But How do I Build my Practice
    Nash Moawad, MD, MSc 
  9. Evidence-Based Review of Transvaginal Hysteropexy for Uterovaginal Prolapse
    Holly E. Richter, MD 
  10. Laparoscopic Management of the Ureter and Bladder
    Matthew Siedhoff, MD
  11. Curative Surgical Management of Endometriosis: Radical Widefield Excision of Endometriosis
    Malcolm Mackenzie, MD 
  12. Coaching for Surgical Greatness Through Feedback, Debriefing, and Deliberate Practice: An Interactive Course for Surgeons
    Christine Vaccaro, DO